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Hi all,

David Tanzer and I discussed what to do with stub pages. The discussion was around here.

The main point is that often it seems a page is really needed, but the material is not sufficient yet. Making the page is delicate, but not making it too!

Our conclusions are, briefly (please correct if too brief):

We propose to make a master page "Stubs" where people can add material for which they think a page is needed, but which is not enough to fill a page yet in a satisfactory manner.

In addition, one can also (like with the Blog - pages) make pages like "Stub -X" (which can be mentioned on the Master page "Stubs" as well) where there's already a redirect for "X" so that it can be referenced elsewhere, and within a category:stubs. This way visitors can easily see that we're fully aware the page is really a stub.

For people who are industrious and knowledgeable enough to create immediately good enough starts of pages (albeit perhaps with still work in progress) please ignore these remarks :)


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    I created a page called Stubs that shows the format, and gives some proposed guidelines.

    Comment Source:I created a page called [[Stubs]] that shows the format, and gives some proposed guidelines.
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