Installed a site menu for the forum

edited February 2020 in General

Hi, you will now see the site menu, right under the main title "Azimuth Forum."

It contains the following tabs:

  • Discussions - brings you back to the list of recent discussions (just in case you were somewhere else).

  • Wiki

  • Blog

  • Guide - contains elements of a user reference guide. Really this will consist of technical tips, for points which are not obvious (e.g. the quirks of the search query language). This is a link to a page on the wiki.

  • Join - words to encourage people to join, and instructions for how to do so. This is a link to a wiki page.

  • Sign in / sign out -- this tab says "Sign in" when you are signed out, and vice versa.

I wanted to use words other than Help, because Help functions are generally not that helpful, so I am almost conditioned not to waste time with them. Also Guide and Join are very separate functions.

I'm going to start separate discussions for the contents of each of the two wiki pages mentioned above.

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