Cleanweb UK - software that helps the environment

I saw this on a mailing list, maybe it will interest someone here.

Hello everybody,

We’re trying something new at Cleanweb UK. We’ve launched a website to match people looking for work which can have an impact on climate change with the important jobs that are available.

So if you dream of working on a significant software project that helps the environment then sign up for our free email alerts at https://cleanwebjobs.com. We’ll send you details of jobs that match your skills as and when they come in. We only send out roles we get directly from companies that are making a difference. We don’t use recruiters and we won’t share your details.

If you’re looking to hire someone with software design and development skills to work on your environmental project then get in touch. For now simply email your role to info@cleanweb.org.uk with details and preferably a link to the job online. One thing we do ask is that you provide a salary range so we don’t waste anyone’s time. No recruiters or agencies please.

If Cleanweb Jobs proves to be successful then we plan to allow online job submissions and add more filtering. We also want to make it more than just an email list and have a database of jobs to search.

Festive wishes, Cleanweb UK

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