Forum dedicated to Geometric science of information with video archivs, conference announcements...

With the organisers of the conferences on Geometrical and topological sciences of information, we have created a forum hosted by the complex-system digital campus and in partnership with the industrial association SEE (they will be needed in order to have an ecological change): http://forum.cs-dc.org/category/72/geometric-science-of-information It is in construction and initiative are welcome, for the moment, it announces future local or international conferences or seminar, new books, archives abstract presentations and papers, job offers. It proposes system for video acquisition archive and online streaming, or visio-conference.

It emphasizes an active participation of engineers and researchers to develop emerging areas of collaborative research on “Information Geometry and Their Advanced Applications”. Current and ongoing uses of Information Geometry in applied mathematics are the following:

_ Thermodynamic, statistical physic. _ Advanced Signal/Image/Video Processing, medical imaging _ Complex Data Modeling and Analysis, Topological data analysis, dimension reduction, clustering, pattern detection _ Information Ranking and Retrieval, Coding, Compression _ Cognitive Systems, Artificial intelligence, Neural networks, Optimal Control, biological modelisation and computational morphology,
_ Speech-sound recognition, natural language treatment. _ Quantum information, correlations, coding _ Statistics on Manifolds, Machine Learning, Manifold Learning etc...

which are also substantially relevant for industry and current ecological and social challenges.

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