Introduction: Eric Dolores

Abilities: Python 3, C, assembly, associators, operads, interaction with people without technical knowledge. Projects: Support to find victims of human traffic, visualization of environmental data.

Hi there. I am a Mexican activist and mathematician.

I am currently helping groups in Mexico to match pictures of missing women with images of women in sites of the dark net (webscrapping scripts to get the images, face recognition to match images).

I meet an artist in Chihack (a weekly hackathon) and we presented an art exhibition in Germany where we worked on visualization of water pollution data. One important point in our project is that people dont have a feeling about numbers, so instead of showing graphs, we 3d scanned people from different countries and we did animations (I used python in Maya) on their skins based on the quality of water of their country (lead coming out of people, bacteria moving in the stomach). We had help to make music out of the water turbidity so that high values will be heard.

I am very exited about the post of complex adaptive systems.

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