Mathematical GeoEnergy book

I have finished a manuscript called "Mathematical GeoEnergy: Oil Discovery, Depletion, and Renewable Energy Analysis" which will be published by Wiley/AGU this December..

The editor is looking for potential reviewers, which they have asked me to supply. If anyone has any expertise on fossil fuels, geophysics, earth sciences, climate science, or renewable energy, send me an email puk@umn.edu

They don't necessarily need someone that will review the entire book, but could spend time on individual chapters that would cover a specific topic. A fraction of the book covers the topics that I have discussed on the Azimuth Project, in particular the ENSO and QBO discussions, so that might pique some interest here.

The other aspect of the book is that it is targeted to graduate level studies, so it definitely hasn't been geared to a popular science market. However, it is almost all applied math and applied physics -- the intent is that the information can be used to help us through the energy transformation that the world is starting to dive into.

thanks, Paul Pukite

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