Introduction: Todd Hagen

Hi all,

I've worked as a post-bacc researcher in cognitive neuroscience labs examining human decision making and reinforcement learning for a few years. I'm broadly interested in computational learning across biological, cognitive, and (recently) machine learning systems.

I started learning about category theory through David Spivak's book; I've now lurked on nLab for a while, and sorted through a lot of learning-related category theory research (e.g. Brendan Fong's work). I'm excited by the prospect of category theory as a theoretical tool, but I've had limited chances to dive into it deeply.

An example of roughly what I have in mind re: cognitive science can be found in the book Categorizing Cognition (https://mitpress.mit.edu/books/categorizing-cognition), whose authors have developed a category theory-framed taxonomy of cognitive processes. I hope this "categorial" description can be extended to more domains of human decision making and learning, and that other computational learning systems might be similarly described.

I'm very excited to have this course as a resource. Feel free to contact me if the any of the above interests you!



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