Introduction: Vishal Lama

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Hi there!

I studied mathematics and computer science for my undergrad. I am currently a full-time parent (father), and in my free time I like delving into topics from areas in mathematics, computer science, and philosophy. Before I was a father, I used to be a software developer, writing code principally in Scala. I have some JavaScript, Node.js, and Ruby experience as well.

Some of my core interests lie in constructive logic, type theory, typed functional programming, categorical logic, and topology. I also maintain an interest in the philosophy of mathematics as well as in the philosophy of science. I do enjoy writing code in Standard ML and writing (constructive) proofs in Coq. I also have more than a passing interest in the history and development of (mathematical) intuitionism.

I love to hike, meditate, and run. And, I practice Buddhism.

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