Introduction: Ed Wike

Hello All -

I am a retired data scientist with a background in analytics, operations research, consulting, etc. across a wide variety of industries and applications. I live in the Boston area. I have a masters in O.R. from MIT; you can check out www.linkedin.com/in/edwike for the rest.

This past January, I attended most of the "Seven Sketches" seminars that Brendan Fong and David Spivak delivered at MIT; these lectures comprise the book for this online course. For those of you who have just started, keep at it because it just gets better and better.

My interests in category theory are in applied category theory and its potential applications, category theory for functional programming, and "pure" category theory, which I was beginning to study in 1970 when my local draft board came up with a different idea :).

I am very glad that Prof. Baez has organized this online course so that I can continue learning applied category theory.


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