Introduction: Howard Goldowsky

Absolutely new as new can be to Category Theory. My interests are in Conceptual Space Theory, concepts, AI, developmental robotics, NLP -- specifically analogy and metaphor and how language relates to sensory input. I have an ancient academic background in physics, electrical engineering, and DSP, and will start on a (part-time for now) journey to study CS and AI this fall at Tufts. I've recently seen a bunch of papers that have connected Conceptual Space Theory and Category theory, and at the very least I want to know enough Category Theory so I can understand these papers. My hunches tell me that Category Theory will prove important as I choose a thesis topic. I've seen at least a half dozen books on Category Theory that all seem to approach the subject from slightly different angles, so it's difficult to use one as a reference for another. I'm looking forward to having this community to discuss exercises, to move forward with my self-learning, and to help others (when I gain enough competence).

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