Introduction: Boris Shminke

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Hi:) I'm a Machine Learning Engineer from Moscow, namely a team leader for movies recommender system development at ivi.ru since 2015. I graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute with an engineer's degree in Applied Mathematics in 2009 so I'm quite far from Category Theory but I've always believed in it's power to explain how things go in any area.

Several months ago I found Brendan Fong's Master's Thesis and thought to myself: wow, some category theory not just about homologies and other magic things but about something related to my work! Because without mathematical foundations my work is just writing code with quite indecent portion of primitive occultism:) I would like to change that and understand how ML is related to other seemingly abstract parts of math. Because I really believe that math is about relatedness. That's why I love it after all.

I don't think that I'll be especially successful in going through "7 Sketches" and/or these lectures because of spare time shortage. But now I'm reading Chapter 2 already and quite happy solving exercises and understanding not only proofs but also some connections to engineering-friendly applications.

I want to thank John Baez for this course effort, Brendan Fong and David Spivak for their book and all active participants of this forum for useful hints I've already discovered. I also wish good luck to other students:)

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