Introduction: Yanying Wu

Hi everyone,

I am a postdoc fellow studying the molecular basis of learning and memory in Drosophila at the University of Oxford.

I did my PhD in neurobiology, also studying learning and memory in Drosophila, but then was doing neural circuit stuff. And my undergraduate major is Computer Science.

I did Computer Science because I was pursuing after AI at that time, and later transferred to neuroscience because I started to believe perhaps we should understand the biological intelligence first, in order to create real intelligent machines. But ever since I got involved in real biological things, I realized more and more strongly that uncovering the secret of the genome is my true love (destiny).

Recently I got fascinated in Applied Category Theory because I felt it might be the hope for us to understand the genome as a whole. My math background is weak, and I am trying hard to catch up. I am so much grateful for Brendon and David’s 7S, which actually opens the door of the holy Category Theory to me. Also Prof. Baez’s lectures on 7S, the Catsters’ CT videos, and the new “What is ACT” book by Tai-Danae, etc…So much for me to learn and digest……

Last but most importantly, I found Azimuth an amazing place to take part in, and I will be extremely happy to discuss with you anything related to both category theory and the genes.

Cheer, Yanying

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