Introduction: Trond Tjostheim

Hello everyone,

I am a PhD student at Lund University cognitive science in Sweden. From before, I have a master in cognitive science also from Lund, and a master in information systems engineering from Surrey in England.

My PhD project concerns modeling working memory, and I am particularly interested in aspects related to processes of abstraction and concretization.

I have been interested in category theory for a few years, but not really had the time to read up on it until now. I have been making a self-study course out of the 7 sketches book for the last three months, and will make a seminar of it here in a few weeks.

My hope is that I will be able to make use of category theory to think more productively about the computer models I am building, since these models are essentially operads, as far as I can tell. But my understanding is still very coarse, and hence I am hoping to get a better grasp of these concepts by coming here!

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