Introduction: Adolfo Martínez

Hi everyone! Nice to meet you all.

I'm from Mexico City, where I work as a Data Scientist, I have a BSc in Applied Mathematics, and I've been wondering what can I do to help the looming climate crisis. I stumbled into this forum a couple of months ago, and I've been lurking ever since.

I would love to pick all of your brains about things like:

  • What's a good field to get into to hopefully make some impact in this regard? Is a MSc in Applied Math a good starting point?
  • Is there a place in the private industry for this kind of work? Do you know of any startup/enterprise that is somehow aiming to "save the world"?
  • Would love to get involved in one of the study groups. Which do you recommend?

Not very technical or mathematical questions, but a starting point for me at least. Would love to get involved and get to know you all!

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