Using a digital photo frame to read pdf papers

I've been doing various things, and those of which might result in Azimuth content have not done so yet. One thing I've done which is vaguely related I'll mention in the chat section on the off chance it's of use to anyone else.

One of the advantages of printing out papers is that you can have several papers on your desk that you can see simultaneously, rather than having to typically click between them on a computer monitor. Of course, we'd prefer not to print out papers needlessly. There are various things large screen secondary devices like the Kindle DX or iPad, but they look to be very expensive purely to provide additional reading space. I managed to find a reasonable resolution LCD digital photo frame which can actually have the image updated directly from a PC (almost all only take images off storage media) going relatively cheap. So I've spent today figuring out how to get readable jpegs of "full page" (ie, A4 or US letter) pdfs. [For the tech people, it's basically figuring which multitudes of switche to a pipeline of ImageMagick programs cause them to build the desired images.] If any further info would be of use to anyone, let me know (either here or to david separator tweed at gmail separator com).

Incidentally, in case anyone asks about the environmental impact balance, I suspect that if you're using someone else's printer you need to do an awful lot of printing onto paper for the consumables' environmental impact to exceed the energy used to build and run-when-being-used an LCD photo frame. If like me you'd be buying a printer for personal use, it's probably already a win.

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