Music available for environmental causes

I want to make a general announcement -

I can likely supply music for any documentary films or other media which champion an environmental cause. I have - for my day job - mastered a number of compilation albums for various environmental groups, and I have an extensive network of friends and associates in that community. While, as you might imagine, that has put me in touch mainly with a lot of Folk artists - I have many contacts among people doing soundtrack and electronic music too.

Of course; any reproduction fees would have to be worked out case by case, but most Folk artists would love to give their music away, if they knew it would be in a documentary about the environment. And many top name artists are at least willing to talk to me, or perhaps I have a friend who knows their agent, and so on. I am offering to broker such arrangements free of charge for people associated with Azimuth, or recommended by its members and participants.

Note: I left a musical sample on the forum page discussing the Sustainability Wiki entry, as a reward for David Tweed's contribution to that page.

All the Best,


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