Trying to keep the game fair

Trying to keep the game fair

I apologize that I've been absent from this forum. But I have had my hands full, trying to do my part to keep the game fair. Since my story relates broadly to the goals of Azimuth, which is also about keeping things fair, I thought I might make a comment. When there is time, I want to talk more here on whether Science and scientists are treated fairly by the public and the media.

One thing that has kept me busy is a dispute that erupted between two colleagues, over formulas for entropy in the early universe, where I was guest editor of the journal issue where the disputed formula was published. It became very personal for these individuals who had been collaborators, and it appeared that both were more interested in proving the other person wrong - or worse - rather than promoting the worth of their own idea (or correcting earlier mistakes). And both are serious researchers, though neither is currently employed as an academic.

Both approaches seem reasonable, given different cosmological assumptions. The need to assess the Physics calmly was complicated by the emotion-charged competition between the two scientists, however. But the experience left me with lasting impressions about the need for a fair hearing or viewing, and fair appraisals of scientific work among scientists. This is one of the reasons for my other involvement of note.

I am pleased and proud to report that I've been training to serve as administrator and moderator, for the academic archive viXra, and that I did my first site update earlier this evening. I do not expect that to keep me busy, now that I've learned how to do the job, but I wanted to be prepared in advance of the absence of the founder, Phil, and the other admins. At this point; the site can often be managed by one person for long stretches, but with more submissions that is changing.

In any case, I wanted folks to know that I have not been idle. I expect some of my recent activities will result in more input here soon. Hopefully some of the friends I invited will make an appearance.


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