WWF report on Forests and Energy (biofuels)

WWF published a report on Forests and Energy

I haven't read the report yet (which I inted to do, it's quite short and appears well-structured) but from an article about it I've noticed that they're not against biofuels, if these are used in an intelligent way. E.g. for some kinds of transportation biofuels could be the best alternative, they claim. Btw, they also claim meat consumption is a bigger threat for deforestation than biofuels.

Forests have provided us with wood for cooking and heating for thousands of years – but today the relationship between forests and energy is more critical than ever. Cheap, easily accessible fossil fuels are running out, and their use releases huge amounts of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere, driving climate change and acidifying oceans.

WWF’s vision is that, by 2050, 100 per cent of the world’s energy will come from sustainable renewable sources – and bioenergy is likely to form a significant part of this.

But there are risks: as the world’s population grows and competition for land becomes more acute, producing more bioenergy could increase food and water shortages, and destroy natural habitats.

What social and environmental safeguards are needed to manage these risks? And can we produce more energy and still achieve WWF’s goal of no overall loss of forest area or forest quality – Zero Net Deforestation and Forest Degradation (ZNDD)?

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