Joe Romm's question

Joe Romm writes:

What Will the U.S. Energy Mix Look Like in 2050 If We Cut CO2 Emissions 80%?

I’m seeking reader input to the headline question.

Rich countries like the U.S. need to cut CO2 emissions more than 80% by 2050 to have a serious shot at the 2°C (3.6° F) target climate scientists say is needed to avoid the most dangerous climate impacts and potentially irreversible tipping points (see Study Confirms Optimal Climate Strategy: Deploy, Deploy, Deploy, Research and Develop, Deploy, Deploy, Deploy.


I’d like to put together a picture of the U.S. in 2050 if we met the target — but just the “modest” target from the 2009 climate and clean energy jobs bill of an 80% reduction compared to 2005 levels.

It will be good to collect information from the responses of his readers.

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