Interesting thread on recent arctic methane

In doing some reading came across this thread on the TheOilDrum.

From start of thread

So now, the satellite map for methane over the Northern Hemisphere is in for March. Sunlight destroys methane (oxidizes it to CO2, actually), so methane levels regularly drop significantly in the Arctic this time of year. But it looks as though there is an increase above last month over the East Siberian Arctic Shelf and adjoining land mass

It's linked to the web-site of one of the scientists with more data, including this video made from concatenating month-by-month graphics.

This is very preliminary stuff, and there's plenty of reasons it may not be as it seems: it's not even "written up" yet but it might be interesting.

(BTW, if you're read the thread note that the first set of links are wrong and get corrected later on.)

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