No problema. Organizing public works projects is way beyond my competence level too! But that's the scale of effort that the question seems to call for -- since it stipulates no constraints on what is feasible. That's why I said that the question was daunting to me. Maybe we should have asked Pete Seeger's advice before he left us... Too bad the communities of scientists and artists are generally disjointed from each other. Multidimensional problems would call for multidimensional solutions. In the olden days a song like Roll On, Columbia, Roll On, could contribute to the spirit of a public works project. But now we live in a time of Tweets. On a related theme, I wonder if the last "authentic" jazz ballads have been written in the 1950s (generally speaking), or if the form is just going through a period of dormancy. Speaking of artists, John do you ever converse with your cousin Joan about the state of the world today?