The idea of a foundation of course raises the question of what we would do if we had some funding. What do people think?

Here are some starter ideas.

The full-time employee(s), who could work on:

* Data administration: updating the blog index, performing polishing edits to keep the wiki more consistent, set up and monitor global data replication for disaster recovery

* Publicity and outreach efforts. Put together talks on Azimuth. Go to college campus to give the talk. Talk to administrators in university departments of environmental science. Go to conferences on scientific programming, and try to drum up some interest in scientific programming for the planetary cause.

* Research assistant. In-depth investigation of related activities at climate-concerned research institutes. What's NASA up to today, in terms of climate change research? Granted that Azimuth only has a small number of climate scientists (Nathan, anyone else?), is there any way that we as a group can be _helpful_ to the overall enterprise of climate science? If so, that could help us to get "our foot in the door" of the research effort. There may not be a quick answer to this question, but it's worth pondering.

Another use of funding: organize a programming contest for interactive climate models, to be contributed to the Azimuth project (as free software), using our javascript platform, and developed by means of discussions on our forum (hidden agenda: get more people involved in learning about the models). Programs should be accompanied by educational "documentation" that summarizes the models involved and how the code accomplishes its goals.