> a training program for scientific programmers, with a residency that involves green applications.

Yep. I had the idea that there might be overlap between an Azimuth curriculum and John B.'s work on a liberal arts college general science course.

I like your triple of:

> curriculum, applications and outreach.

I've been asking myself, "if somebody joined the Azimuth project what would be the preconditions for them to understand most of the material in the blog posts and the wiki". After a couple of years there is still plenty of stuff I don't understand.

TWF set standards of scientific rigour, literacy and graphics at a certain level of knowledge. I don't know what that level of maths and science knowledge that might be: high school, undergrad, graduate or other?

As for numerical methods I've only used Euler, RK4 and Crank-Nicholson for simulations, and wrote an industrial linear programming system in Java in the 90's so don't think I know enough to be of much use.

I'm looking forward to your next stochastics blog. For further articles it seems to me that filling the wiki with material in your curriculum and then pasting them into blog articles might be a good bottom-up way to go?