So they even didn't invite you to their innovation labs ?
Well I guess there is so much too do. Do you know whether their innovation lab is the same as the peace innovation lab at Stanford, which displays
mind boggling projects, like e.g. this Coca Cola project". From the website:

>So nice to see Coca Cola’s Peace Innovation Intervention bringing Pakistan and India together. It has all the ingredients we like: BJ Fogg’s Behavior Model where behavior = motivation + ability + trigger; fun; baby steps approach to behavior design; Minimum Acceptable Peace Interactions (MAPIs); it’s technology mediated; interactive; and it elicits pro-social behaviors across conflict boundaries. We’ve been supporting Romancing the Border, a project initiated by Rehman Ilyas to increase social interactions across the India/Pakistan border. We’re happy to see Coca Cola get in the game.

or the Incubator project