Plan of action:

The present blog should be divided into two parts, as per the above suggestions, and rewritten in Rick-free form. And the first article should be further developed. Furthermore, make them self-contained, with no promise of an epic blog journey. But fleshing out the general article on the Azimuth project won't be a quick job -- especially since I want to have some new coding to write about. And we still have questions about the relationships between network theory, climate science, and Azimuth.

The solution is for me to go _forward_ with:

* Finishing the editing of the blog on the stochastic resonance code -- ETA 1 - 2 weeks

* Finishing the _next_ article that I planned for the Rick series, which aims to be a colorful introduction to reaction networks. There's no reason why this can't come first, and the other articles come later, when they are ready.

* Gathering specs for a new coding project