> Plan of action:

> The present blog should be divided into two parts, as per the above suggestions, and rewritten in Rick-free form. And the first article should be further developed. Furthermore, make them self-contained, with no promise of an epic blog journey.

Sounds good!

> But fleshing out the general article on the Azimuth project won’t be a quick job - especially since I want to have some new coding to write about.

I think that should be a separate thing. You can talk about what's been done and wonder about what should be done without actually doing a bunch more.

> And we still have questions about the relationships between network theory, climate science, and Azimuth.

A blog article can have questions! We need to figure out what Azimuth should be like to be maximally effective - under realistic assumptions, not pretending any magic will come to our aid! Talking about this can be a good way to get people involved. New people, not involved yet, are the ones most likely to make Azimuth dramatically better than it is now.