John wrote:

> That’s the most visible part, but don’t forget the wiki! There’s a lot of stuff in there, and I draw on it whenever I give talks about global warming or other environmental issues.

Right! The wiki is helpful to blog writers too. For the article on the stochastic resonance code, it may be enough for me to reference the wiki pages on Milankovitch Cycles and Stochastic Resonance.

> I’d also count a lot of my talks as Azimuth activities. You can see some here.

> And I’d also count the network theory project as an Azimuth activity! I don’t think you should exclude it when discussing Azimuth. But it’s so big that it could easily deserve another post.

Cool. Since they are main facets of the Azimuth project, then they deserve to be listed on the home page.

So why don't we put together a page of Azimuth Talks, and link to it on the home page. I'm glad to volunteer to do this, by copying the Azimuth-related links from your talks page. We can use this page to encourage other people to contribute talks. Every substantial blog article is a candidate for distillation into a talk.

I suggest that we have a homepage link to a page called the Network Theory Project, or one to a page called Azimuth Research? On the one hand, we only have one research project. On the other, it doesn't read that smoothly to see Wiki, Library, Forum, Blog, Network Theory Research. My proposal is to have the link say Azimuth Research, and then the page will explain that our research is currently focused on Network Theory. John, do you have any candidate material for such an overview page?