In other words, we can proceed from the general to the specific.

The Azimuth Code Project is one possible "implementation" of green scientific programming. The stochastic resonance program is one implementation within the Azimuth Code Project.

We need to work on our list of coding challenges, and evolve them into "requirements specifications" that can be acted upon by programmers without a lot of science background. Hence the role of supporting blog articles. To fully enact this vision also calls for some kind of organization, however informal it may be, in which scientists are involved in the discussion -- feeding good problems to the programmers, and answering the questions that come up in the course of development. We already have elements of this, with John and Nathan here, but as a group effort it clearly has not been actuated to anything near its real potential. There was a good burst a while back, when Glynn, Alan, Tim and Staffan were actively here, alas. This is the direction that I intend to keep chipping away at.