Besides "green mathematics", the other project I feel we've been most successful at is "education on energy and environmental issues" - mainly through our blog posts, including guest posts, but also the article that David Tweed and I wrote.

I think we could a lot more here! We haven't done anything like

> Development of curriculum on **science that really matters**, (1) for general audiences, (2) for kids.

We've been mainly focused on educating _ourselves_, and "people like us". But this may be okay. Even if we restricted our attention to educating scientifically literate people, we'd have a lot of work to do. For example: I've been pulling in guest bloggers,
but the rest of you could do that too... no? If not everything were funneled through me, we could - in principle - increase our production of articles to the point where we could start thinking about assembling their information into a more systematic resource.

What do the rest of you think about this "educational" aspect of the Azimuth Project?