John wrote:

> I tend to feel we should pay attention to what we actually are doing, and do more of that, and get more people involved doing that. However, I do feel that the programmers among us would like some guidance in finding cool but not-too-hard projects.

So I've been somewhat lacking in Azimuth direction.I had assumed that non-programming domain specialists would try producing some Petri net models using one of the most user-friendly cloud-based tools like NetLogo.

Nathan has listed candidate projects. I could only grok some aspects of a simple climate model from Gerald North's book. I coded up the equations until fig. 3.6 but neither I nor Glyn could work out a coherent overall model from the book. Getting the code from Gerald would help my climate education.

I'm still working on various automatically generated javascript models. I'd find any detailed requirements and specifications most welcome.