John wrote:

> In particular, K. Yamasaki, A. Gozolchiani and S. Havlin seem to think El Niños break “climate links”, but I’m afraid this is due to a misleading definition of those climate links.

Do you think that it is an interesting question to look at -- the effect of El Niños on the connectivity structure of the graph -- using a more appropriate definition of the climate links?

I had trouble parsing the definitions in this paper, which at times seemed ill-defined. But maybe they are basically well defined, and the trouble is that I don't have the context to supply the missing words. For instance, they didn't define their angle brackets, and why is the year a parameter of the cross-correlation function.

John, leaving aside the fact that you think the definitions were not appropriate, were you able to parse them, in detail, and did you find them to be fundamentally well-defined?

Footnote: This theoretical discussion is not idle, because it can help to guide our experimental designs.

EDIT: I was having trouble parsing the paper because my hard-copy was mangling some of the symbols!