>I’m all for acknowledging the efforts of us volunteers, but this page sounds more like a formal financial disclosure of finances, including the income sources of the Azimuth members.

>I’ve removed the bit about me. I’d need to know more about why this information was needed before I was happy with it being there.

I don't know what you do if you look at a certain website, especially one on which you would like to volunteer on, but I usually look, where the
financing comes from. This is important in order to be able to judge how independent a project like this is. John and Andrew are math professors,
so it is clear that they might amongst others promote mathematical methods, math and math education with this project. By their life-styles it seems one should not expect that Azimuth is a rip-off project (????!?!??!??!). Finally John uses Azimuth to further his students education with this project, so indirectly the math department of UC Riverside is kind of involved in financing Azimuth. As I understood the math department of NTNU had hosted the forum, so actually we should also mention this. And even if you Andrew did the hosting work may be in your freetime: Azimuth is last not least an effort for mathematics education, even if in some math departments IT services are not valued as they should. In principle you worked for your boss even in your freetime...

Letting the reader know about the motivations and backgrounds makes oneself more vulnerable and yes it is a question to which extend this is safe, but on the other hand it may further the credibility and trustworthiness of the project. Judge yourself: if Azimuth would be financed by the Oil industry - how much would you trust the results - especially assertions about greenhouse gases?