Okay, I'm ready for comments here:

* [[Blog - exploring climate data (part 1)]]

Some comments of my own:

1. I do not understand the formula for the wavelet transforms being used here. If I could write down the mathematical formula I would understand what's going on. Mathematica code would be helpful too, though I'd still need to translate it into equations.

1. The use of a "frequency 4" Gabor wavelet and the 4th derivative of a Gaussian seems arbitrary and mysterious to me.

1. Why is there almost no power at periods shorter than 9.5 months? **Was the data "denoised" before feeding it into these wavelet transforms? If so, how?** Does that explain the shortage of power at low periods? I would expect a lot of power at periods all the way down to 1 month.

1. I understand the windowed Fourier transform or [Gabor transform](http://johncarlosbaez.wordpress.com/2013/01/30/milankovich-vs-the-ice-ages/) much better than these various wavelet transforms. I would love to see a Gabor transform of this Darwin and Tahiti transform. I believe the Gabor transform is approximately the same as a continuous wavelet transform using a "frequency 1" Gabor wavelet. I'm not sure.