> what source for that spacial anomaly in the temperature anomalies could then this else be?

Maybe the ice albedo effect? Warming is accelerated in the Arctic by the fact that when ice begins to melt, it becomes darker in color, leading to a feedback called the ice albedo effect.

Lots of people agree that the Arctic is warming [much faster than the rest of the Earth](http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/Features/ArcticIce/arctic_ice3.php) and the amount of Arctic sea ice is rapidly decreasing. I'd need to dig into some technical papers to see if people believe they explain this.

> I know of one ! (that by NOAA, mainly by Ed Dlugokensky). if this is true and there is really only one such measurement then pardon me?!!!! Fate of mankind may depend on this!

Yes, it's worrisome. I believe the [Arctic Methane Emergency Group](http://ameg.me/) contacted Obama about this general issue, but there should be more research.

> this is not necessarily only a question of “being interested”, not everybody has the time to “work with you” without pay, and this is not really a “recreational occupation”.

I understand, especially since you keep saying this. By "interested in working" I meant "willing and able to work"; the word "interested" has an ambiguous meaning.