Dara - thanks for offering to redo those 3 images! I'm sorry I didn't catch the problem earlier.

David - thanks for rewriting that. I cut-and-paste it in. I knew that I'd left it a bit rough regarding the explanation of why we can act like $\sum_i x_i^2 = \sum_i y_^2$ are fixed. This is better.

WebHubTel - can you remind me of your real name? I want to add information about the correlation of the Darwin and Tahiti air pressure anomalies, and if I use your calculation I'd like to cite you by your real name (if that's okay). Where did you get your data and exactly what time period did you use?

**Everyone** - the article is approximately finished; see if you like it:

* [[Blog - exploring climate data (part 1)]]

I should probably add some references to some 'material for further study' on continuous wavelet transforms. I don't know what would be good.