>The Zebiak-Cane model is one of those models I’m hoping someone can implement on a browser!

Cannot suppress the urge to raise my hand.

Did you see this, I already implemented the live-solver for the related differential equations

[Noisy Hopf Bifurcation](http://mathematica.lossofgenerality.com/2014/06/24/noisy-hopf-bifurcation/)

John the actual panel is at the end of the browser page.

The noise in this one is actually generated and used to solve the diff EQ in the browser.

Some live math solvers for delayed Diff EQ:

[Delay Differential Equation: El Nino](http://mathematica.lossofgenerality.com/2014/06/24/delay-differential-equation-el-nino/)

In the newly released Mathematica 10 we have large collection of new solvers and geometric boundary (grids) as a part of the domain for solving the equations.