My Magma guesses seem not so far off in particular the russian
Wikipedia calls Pingos:

>Гидролакколиты (от др.-греч. ὕδωρ + λάκκος + λίθος — «Вода + яма, углубление + камень») — масса подпочвенного льда, по форме сходные с лакколитами[9].

(where reference [9] is in the book:
Гидролакколиты. Горная энциклопедия, 1986.- М.: Советская энциклопедия. — Т. 2. — С. 48.)

So literally a Pingo is called: "Hydro-Laccolith"
(as it seems also to be the case sometimes in english)

By the way speaking of Pingos as in Yukon/North West Territories like in the Mac Kenzie Delta and Methane -
there had even been Hydrates turned into Gas amongst others by the MH21 Consortium.