I looked now at the russian sources which were given at HADCRUT: http://www.cru.uea.ac.uk/cru/data/temperature/crutem4/station-data.htm

The link at http://meteo.ru/climate/sp_clim.php is broken and the other link at http://meteo.ru/english/climate/kat600_e.htm (data)
seems not to list any of the above mentioned stations.

However the high regional temperaures seem to be a somewhat know feature, at least this is what I find suggestive by looking at images like that:

Рис.4. Аномалии температуры воздуха в январе 2008 г. На врезках ряды среднемесячной январской температуры воздуха и среднесуточной температуры воздуха в январе 2008 г. на метеостанциях Марресаля, Анадырь и Усть-Кокса.

(Air temperature anomalies January 2008. For the (outer or embedded ? regions, (врезках ряды???)) the average monthly january air temperatures and the average daily air temperatures in January 2008 are from the stations Marresalya, Anadyr and Ust-Koksa.) Linked from http://meteo.ru/pogoda-i-klimat/93-klimaticheskie-usloviya/186-2008