The Laplacian is the divergence which is essentially showing continuity of flow within a region. If the net flow is other than zero, something is obviously leaking.

One of the strange dynamics in climatology are the so-called Sudden Stratospheric Warming events

In a SSW event, a heated mass of air essentially rises quickly into the stratosphere. This is a localized sink of temperature.
As I recall they have a larger impact on polar regions.

In 2013, a SSW event originated in the Himalayas.

It is possible you are picking up something around that region based on the video.

SSW have some connection to the Quasi-Biennial Oscillations (QBO) -- which are cycles in stratospheric winds -- and of course with ENSO.
A group of scientists in Germany is very interested in the connection, which may be instigated by a resonance condition among the oscillations and also with topography, which explains the Himalaya connection.

Dara, you keep digging and you may uncover something really amazing.