Here are some background, nearly all linked, papers and abstracts related to the Ludescher paper from Yamasaki, Gozolchiani and some others in their group. Whether any of these papers should be cited on the Azimuth wiki or blog I don't know, I'm only just reading them.

* Zheng, T. Fujiwara, N. Sakurai, K. Yoshizawa and K. Yamasaki, [Spatial surface wave spread network from Ambient Noise correlation (2011)](, , 2011, Proceedings of 16th International Symposium on Artificial Life and Robotics pp.419~422
* K.Yamasaki, A.Gozolchiani, S.Havlin, [Climate Networks Based on Phase Synchronization Analysis Track El-Nino (2009)](), Progress of theoretical physics, vol.179, pp.178-188, 2009
* K.Yamasaki, A.Gozolchiani, S.Havlin, [Networks constructed by Phase Syncronization Analysis, 2009, APFA7: Applications of Physics in Financial Analysis, pp.119](
* K.Yamasaki, O.Gazit, S.Havlin, [Pattern of climate network blinking links follow El-Nino events (2008)](, European Physical Letter vol. 83, pp. 28005, 2008,
* K.Yamasaki, A.Gozolchiani, S.Havlin, [Climate Networks around the Globe are Significantly Affected by El Nino()](, Physical Review Letter vol. 100, pp. 228501, 2008

Yamasaki publications not online:

* Networks on Earth from the climate data, Proceedings for International Symposium on Artificial Life and Robotics pp.774--777, Kazuko Yamasaki, Kenneth J. Mackin Masanori Ohshiro, Kotaro Matusita and Eiji Nunohiro , 2007
* Cut off of Zipfs Power Law in US Cities , Proc. of 11th International Symposium on Artificial Life and Robotics pp.268-271, Kazuko Yamasaki,  Masanori Ohshiro,  Kenneth J. Mackin,  Eiji Nunohiro , 2006
* The extraction of macromodel and origin of long-ranged correlations, Physica A, Elsevier Volume 324 pp. 417-423 , Kazuko Yamasaki and Kenneth J. Mackin , 2003
* The Cooperation of two Time-scale's Adaptation in Dynamical Environment, Proceedings of the First International Conference on Information pp.71-72 , K.Yamasaki、M.Sekiguchi , 2000

* Kazuo Yamasaki has also written a number of papers is vegetation land cover es
timation using neural networks.