Hello Paul, not referring to your work, these papers are too verbose for me. I have no idea what this fellow is saying in such ambiguous verbiage e.g. KELVIN WAVES ERODE THE THERMOCLINE STRUCTURE... I have no idea what is ERODE nor STRUCTURE.

This is why I read these papers and while I understand every line and most of the math, I have no idea what in the world they are saying as an engineer.

These English sentences reek with ambiguity and double meanings. Say I was coding some model for these, I will imagine several versions of the code completely different.

I think these paper are written so that if someone critic them, they could always say: O that is not what I meant I meant this... and there is much room for interpretation.

I prefer what you do, there is data, math and code and a bit of English to explain the model and let the CPU chug along