Piotr wrote:

> The first two topic articles are standalone, general introductions to these topics. And I believe that they are of the general interest and benefit of the readers. The third one is about a paper arXiv:1310.6638, in which we are trying to predict the scale of quantum effects in a the light-harvesting complex of green plants.

That sounds like a nice series! Please go ahead and write these posts... and please get Jacob Biamonte to edit the English, as I just did here. Then I'll edit his English, and by the end it will be okay.

There will be some people interested in learning about quantum superpositions, and others who know quantum mechanics interested in hearing how it's important in photosynthesis, so you'll have a fun challenge writing to multiple audiences. One good trick is to make sure the beginning of each post is easy, but then, if there's more advanced stuff, include it at the end with some warning like "Experts might be interested to hear that..."

Quantum mechanics is not really one of the main foci of Azimuth, but it's fun. Photosynthesis and the capture of solar energy really _do_ fit into the main focus of Azimuth, so the more you can say about those topics, the better!