>Enthalpy is not a measure of disorder

I was talking about disorder or complexity, so the word per your conclusion is entropy as I was using it. Please disregard my comments on Enthalpy.

>Intuition is fine, but reading some textbooks would help.

I did not say intuition only approach, clearly as I read in many current papers published by reputable scientists that there are discrepancies in the entropic modelling of the atmosphere and oceans and one has to use intuition in occasions TO QUESTION one's preconceived notions.

I am sure we all need to read books not just me, and why I am here to learn from John, reading books and journals are not enough. The most important preamble to learning is to believe deeply that I do not know something or I am ignorant about a matter. I am not here because I am learned but because I want to learn.

This idea of reading some textbooks does not make anyone scientists. So I rather have a master apprentice relationship, my hope being to learn from John as such here. Work on and code actual problems with actual data, also read books and paper and blogs and also read the discussions in places like here. For me this is a sounder scientific approach.