No I meant THE FOUNDATION and it was an indirect quote from Richard Feynman from his Lecture Notes on differential operators.

Obviously there are many theories which have no differential operators, but my meaning was clear, "just about" any theory dealing with dynamical systems ends up with some sort of differential equation as the model, many many of them use Lie Theory on Matrix Manifolds and at the end of the day end up with systems of differential equations. This is of course given my limited knowledge and limited mental capacity, best I fathom how the theories are stitched together. This is not absolute truth.

>it seemed to me that Paul was using an inequality and interpreted it freely, without much regard for the original intention.

I suggest that we will leave Paul FREE to interpret, no one has any ideas worth noting or any computation worth mentioning about the planetary dynamical systems as it is related to El Nino and other similar weather systems. As a matter of fact Paul has REPRODUCIBLE work which I could recode and investigate and add something to, I could not say that for most of the papers posted here, I cannot reproduce any of them, I cannot even reproduce their original data or even their definitions! Therefore I conclude that Paul's work is sound and scientific, it allows the readers like me to LEARN and to REPRODUCE his work and ADD ON additional ideas and works to improve.

It took me a week for one little CDF addition for Paul's work, a day of one of the engineers at Wolfram Research Techsupport, and still we are not finished. So it requires many iterations and teamwork to produce something remotely useful. 99% of our efforts are waste, yet to produce a new thought that is what it takes.

Limiting Paul at the onset of his research to come up with an original idea is counter productive. I used the word productive, I tell my Self to be productive here and if I see someone producing something I rush to read their work see if I could lend a helping hand, if I could not contribute I try to say something positive and encouraging. And in some occasions I double check and ask if I was too critical in my language and write the person perhaps directly, because I have failings and I am sure others do as well.