Replying to John at 82,

> 1) Get something done by December 1st for the NIPS talk.


> For 1), a first baby step would be to take any method like neural nets, random forests etc. and use it to predict the El Niño 3.4 index starting from the average link strength computed by Ludescher et al (and available here). This was supposed to be easy, since it’s predicting one time series from another; no sparsification needed (right?). It would not test the sanity of using “average link strength”, just Ludescher et al’s particular way of using it.

Ludescher et al's way of using the average link strength included using the NINO3.4 index itself as well. So you would be predicting one time series from two. But that should be easy, no sparsification or anything fancy required.