Paul wrote:

>More likely, Dickey indicated it still could be some internal mantle-related effects which then can have an effect on climate through changes in magnetic shielding. And I believe that nad brought that up on another thread.

Yes indeed, thanks for remembering what I said. This is quite unusual.
I still sort of try to find out about this (what I think) is an **exact biannual** global temperature oscillation and I cautiously suspected that this might be
an effect, which is eventually caused by some resonance of the magnetic fields of earth and sun. Sort of similar as one could suspect an electron around an atom.
However before spending too much time with those speculations it would be better to check back on the temperature data (like look at other sets as well)
and apart from that I have other things to do, which I should do for generating some income. Like soon I have a meeting, where business opportunities through handicraft (knitting and crotcheting) are evaluated. It is a 6 month project called "StrickWare" which is mainly adressed (as written in the project announcement) to the "russian speaking 50+" generation.
(That is a lot of the female Aussiedler (germans from eastern Europe) have excellent knitting skills and in the project it is investigated wether those skills can contribute to a living. I am not an Aussiedler, but I am "russian speaking 50+" and my knitting skills are not so bad, so that I thought I should take the chance to find a way of how to make a living, as said above Lehraufträge are not so good for this purpose)

Your plots of the LOD made me though look at the data service of the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service, but unfortunately they use quite some unexplained acronyms like [DX]( which is neither listed in the
[glossary]( nor in the table of acronyms.

Do you know what DEPS is?