>nad, You may be interested in this way of treating data.

>Here is a simpler version that just displays stations

Nick I don't feel rewriting the blog article every second day because you dig out yet another visualization. Are there more to come?
I had problems with both of the visualizations you mentioned above in particular most unfortunate was that one couldn't set the time range, that is you can set it
with the buttons, but it doesn't work, I mentioned this thus in the blog post. Like choose the station Essey (Siberia) in the first visualization (in GHCN) in the range 2000-2010 and look at the diagram. It closed before 2000 but the marker still appears on the map. So one can't get an overview which stations closed in recent times and which not. It seemed to me that the same is happening with the second visualization. Moreover I didn't really see that the different sets appear differently. In addition there were other problems especially with the diagram (sometimes not appearing, not erasable etc). The google earth vis works fine but those two I think
are not so good, I mean not showing the time interval is unfortunately a false representation of data. This might happen by accident, but if one knows it is false one has at least to mention the problem. I added now also a sentence about Clive Best's vis.

John what do you think?

Anyways what is gadj ? This set appeared in the first mentioned visualization and is now in the blog post sofar without reference. Nick please check wether I got your data files right and supplement the missing information.