Hello John

This is my note of apology to you apropos of your comment in #39, it is my wish to have more guidelines from you to continue this most important work, solely focused on computations on actual data and issuing engineering reports on findings, free of any inference or theoretical suggestions on my part. I actually have no interest in other people's theoretical considerations, it is an issue of trust for me, I have deep suspicions of theoreticians not just in climate but in most other related fields. Over most of my adult life I have come to trust Prof. R. Brown (groupoids), LA Levin (Kolmogorov student) and yourself as most honest theoreticians (and not to forget late Arnold VI), sadly the list ends here.

I do not know how else to express these words, this is my best, and views I express are that of engineering mentality.

I leave you with this comment: ODD Weather patterns have arrived in Ireland, in newspapers here they call them BIBLICAL WEATHER in terms of severity, while I was walking down the field in our farm and I was sinking in the grass land even my huskies were sinking, which should be more solid, as a result the cow ranchers had to remove the oxes. Past few years the grass was not enough due to this muddy situation and had to import from England at high costs.

It is very real for me to wake up one morning and we have no farming for 100s of kilometers around our place in Ireland.