I'm continuing some conversations related to my NIPS talk that began on another thread.

I wrote:

> This file has the average link strength, called S, at 10-day intervals starting from day 730 and going until day 12040, where day 1 is the first of January 1948. (For an explanation of how this was computed, see Part 4 of the El NiƱo Project series.)

[Daniel wrote](http://forum.azimuthproject.org/discussion/1485/global-warming-and-thermodynamical-quantities/?Focus=13315#Comment_13315):

> I think I am confused by the above definition. What is the date of first and last day for which data actually appears in the average-link-strength.txt file?

Here's another way of saying what I said. The first day in the file is 729 days after January 1st, 1948, and the last day is 12039 days after January 1st, 1948. Please don't ask me to calculate those dates!

If the actual dates really matter to you, I should warn you of this: climate scientists pretend that the day February 29 on leap years does not exist. For them, every year has 365 days. So, you have to take that into account.