* [Australian and northern S American water pools](http://podaac.jpl.nasa.gov/OceanEvents/GRACE_2010-11_GMSL_ENSO_Oct2012)

2010 lower MSL due to water pools ie. a transfer of water mass from ocean to land, northern N. Americ, northern S America, Siberia, S Africa and Australasia.

> Heavy rainfall in 2010 led to increased terrestrial water storage in these regions. The El Niño Southern Oscillation (Figure 3) is known to affect precipitation and evaporation over Australia and northern South America. In the El Niño phase it rains less, and in the La Niña phase it rains more. With the 2010-11 La Niña being one of the strongest over the past 60+ years, a large amount of water was transported from the ocean to the continents and led to the temporary drop in GMSL.

ie. Rain over Australia and S America (-evaporation which does what? TBD) => lower sea level => La Nina effects.

2009 peak El Nino
2010 peak La Nina